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General information about Nord FX NordFX is an international brokerage company offering a full range of online trading services in currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold and silver in the Forex market. Investments in global stocks with high income and with capital protection up to %, and RAMM, the newest system for the automatic copying of . NordFX Forex Broker — Forex broker information for NordFX, find the latest trader's reviews for NordFX, get the details and information about advantages and disadvantages of this Forex broker.

NordFX trading information

NordFX Forex Broker — Forex broker information for NordFX, find the latest trader's reviews for NordFX, get the details and information about advantages and disadvantages of this Forex broker.

Then monitor their performance, and watch your potential profits grow. Already an experienced trader? Become a Strategy Manager to maximise your earnings on the forex market. Add the following FXTM number to your contact list: Find FXTM by searching on the top search bar. Please send us an email at support forextime. We use cookies to save your preferences and provide you with a more localized experience.

If you accept our use of cookies you can continue browsing. Please see our Cookie Policy for full details and how you can opt-out. If you continue browsing, you consent to our Cookie Policy. Log in Register Register. Diversify your portfolio with copy trading. Get more value for every trade through. We inform you that your trading accounts , , and were blocked for the client agreement terms violation. They outright blocked ALL my trading accounts I had with them! I had the Micro, the Standard and all the others since I wanted to try them all out.

But Ive requested the withdrawal only from the Standard account, yet they also have closed the Micro which also had money in it but where I didnt trade for a while. I cant get the money out of the micro account either since they have blocked backend access on their website for me completely for ALL accounts:. All emails I sent them and asking what terms I have violated did stay unanswered - as well as any further communication attempts with them via email or their chat.

Its kind of unbelievable that they say I have violated the client agreement, yet dont even mention which part of it I guess it was the part of "profitable trading is forbidden under any circumstances". It also adds to their "professionalism" that they dont even mention complete names in their emails, just "Sergey", so that you cant specifically refer to a person later on or report them to the police. So I did some further research and found that they are actually based out of Russia.

Yes, the website says Mauritius and what not, but its clearly operated out of Russia if looking at the IPs in their emails where theyve originated from:. So their "office" its nothing more than a PO box actually in Mauritius is nothing less than a simple attempt to hide the fact that they are from Russia.

What is even more interesting is that they mention they are registered with FSC Mauritius and are allowed to provide financial services there.

The FSC will start an investigation on their operations right away as they told me. So their whole operation they have there is based on a complete fake and outright lies about being registered with the FSC. And on top, if you make profits, they will simply not send them to you and close your accounts instead. You can rather "donate" your money to some charity organization than to spend it on this fraudulent Russian operation. Very attentive and helpful support personnel. I have never waited for answers over 2 minutes from their support service.

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