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Anyone trading Forex in Thailand.

Apr 24,  · Anyone trading Forex in Thailand. This is a discussion on Anyone trading Forex in Thailand within the Forex forums, part of the Markets category; I am currently beginning to trade forex in Bangkok, would be great to . Welcome to Forex Thailand, Forex Trading in Thailand, Thailand Forex school broker forex and club, currency trading, thai, baht.

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FOREX information. Thailand is known as the pearl of the Orient. If you’re going to Thailand, the capital Bangkok is a fantastic experience. A bustling city of 10 million people with enormous office complexes, old Buddhist temples and traffic that makes any European city seem like the quiet countryside.

Or, do these contracts also have time value that depreciates towards expiration? I dabbled a little and initially had relative success, however, it started taking over my life! I was constantly reading strategy books, buying new software and staring at the screen whilst the markets where open. Pretty soon though, I was at the stage where making 'small money' wasn't enough, I wanted more. Apparently this is a very, very common situation. That's when things start going bad, and you lose a few and begin to play 'catch-up' Honestly it's fun at first and to anyone who has a spare few 'k', give it a go, it's one of lifes true lessons.

Hesitation, worry, anxiety, etc. Keep Nick Leeson in the back of your mind, if you actually know what he did. The reason it gets such a bad rep is people go into it not knowing what they are doing and cant control themselves. Ive read about so many guys taking up trading full time with the pressure of needing to make a monthly income to cover living expenses and they end up taking stupid risks in desperation attempts.

A decent ForEx company like Oanda let you trade micro accounts so you can throw in USD or something and learn with real money while keeping the trades small enough it should last you a long time i. Their a good company, been going a number of years. Although their charting platform is a little basic.

Wine,women and fast horses Eritrea. Often people have great knowledge, but when it comes to laying down their money their thought processes go awry. Paper trade for about 3- 5 months then open up a standard account and GO Using a mini is a waste of time and once you get to a standard you will have VERY bad habits as a mini si a dollar a pip and a standard is Once you master those then you can move up to Trend reversal patterns such as tops and bottoms and "s Indeed I dont intend to use any moneys that I cant afford to lose.

Here in Vegas they call it "scared money". I also accept that fact that it is a long learning curve. And part of my education will be learning to lose gracefully. Basicly I am looking to learn something that will keep me occupied and challenged when I eventualy move into retirement.

Again not depending on it but wanting to keep my fingers in something. I forgot to mention that I worked with a friend that had developed a pretty successful nasdq e-mini system. So I have had a bit of a chance to learn how to look at charts ect. And do back testing ect. It seems that some of the basic principles are the same with forex.

Again I would never risk needed money or depend on it for my livelyhood. Basicly I see it as "mental golf". But again all suggestions and ideas are very appreciated. FYI, I have traded full time for ten years.. But far too often it's NOT because trading is so hard it's that they don't really understand what they are doing and never do learn. If you haven't traded full time any market for at least one entire year you have NO clue how that market is going to react in every possible environment and as such you are just guessing at trades or worse you are trying to follow some super duper secret method that you paid bucks for..

Trading is NOT about making trades it's about controlling your emotions and managing your money.. As to one of the questions the original poster asked nobody here in the Thai government seems to know what to call what I do. I am NOT employed by anybody in Thailand nor am I selling or buying anything in Thailand and to make matters a little more complicated I always log in remotely to my machine in Canada then do my trading from there so in actual fact my IP on my trading platforms are showing as having me technically located in Canada while I trade..

I have asked them the Thai Gov't if I was expected to have some sort of work permit, but my computer is in Canada, my brokerage accounts are based in the US and have the profits wired to my Canadian account and withdraw here from my ATM card.. I'm sure that will change at some point as they figure out what to call it and how to tax it. North America and sometimes Thailand Interests: Much too volatile pair for me. Mind you unlike so many of the so-called trading Guru's out there I am not looking to get rich, just pay my bills and stick some money in a few other things here and there None will be get rich quick and there will be drawdowns.

I suggest looking into Volatility Breakout methods and stick to the ones that seem the more simple. Simple works you just have to learn to trade through the drawdowns that will unevitably occur.

Thailand Pattaya area and UK sometimes Interests: Relaxing and awaiting the liberation of impotence. I had a forex trading account recommended to me, and I saw statements for the previous 12 months showing healthy profits.

I think that she meant can you change rand at the exchange booths Yes,they will convert your Rand to Baht. You can do it when you arrive at the airport,there are Forex kiosks everywhere.

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What are the most popular tours in Thailand? I've been with Armada Markets for two months now and like their service.

Dec 20, , Originally Posted by FXRobinson. Have you made withdrawals yet? If you would have to rate them 1 to 10 what would be your grade to them? Would definitely quite like trading from bangkok while making a few grands.. Dec 20, , 1: Originally Posted by forbe.

I have a demo account with them, they seem to be decent. Do you know if their demo acc spreads are the same as on real acc? Jan 23, , 7: Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone ever shared contacts and ideas via here? I am a native English man, now living in Bangkok, I am still a newbie trader to forex and only in demo, I am still learning and banging my head on new things and strategies all of the time.

I am looking for people to talk with in order to learn from and grow ideas with. If anyone lives here, and wishes to connect, share and help, then feel free to get in touch with me or PM me here and we can swap details. All the best Nick. Apr 24, , 3: I have been traveling in Thailand and BKK many times even wrote a book about it. Now I have been trading forex semi-daily for two months at my home country but idea moving to BKK and do some trading has been lingering in my mind since I started trading.

I would love to have group of similar minded people in Bangkok to talk about trading, maybe even have a community? Living costs in BKK are quite low and forex is really good combination to it. I am looking now options when to get back there and for how long. Similar minded people would be great push!

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Feb 12, , 2: Thailand is a very attractive destination for Forex traders, because of the predictable exchange rates, and trader-friendly government policies.

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Obviously you want to be as close to the broker server as possible for the lowest latency. The other option is to check what the early termination fee is and if you need less than the contract period decide if the termination fee is better than paying for the remaining service period.

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