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Fonctionnement du trading du Forex. Le trading du Forex est entièrement dématérialisé et décentralisé et n’est pas rattaché à une place boursière en particulier. Il permet donc d’effectuer des transactions sur les devises quasiment 24h/24 tous les jours de la semaine. La quasi-totalité des opérations sont réalisées de gré à gré: les courtiers et . Ces dépôts de garantie sont réévalués quotidiennement selon la valeur de marché des positions détenues par l'adhérent. A noter que les acheteurs et les vendeurs peuvent toujours "déboucler " leur position en achetant / vendant la même quantité de contrats vendue / achetée à l'origine, ce qui fait dans ce cas disparaître leur position.

What is 'Forex - FX'

The forex market is unique for several reasons, mainly because of its size. Trading volume is generally very large. The market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week across major financial centers across the globe. This means that you can buy or sell currencies at any time during the day. The foreign exchange market isn't exactly a one-stop shop. There are a whole variety of different avenues that an investor can go through in order to execute forex trades. You can go through different dealers or through different financial centers, which use a host of electronic networks.

From a historic standpoint, foreign exchange was once a concept for governments, large companies and hedge funds. But in today's world, trading currencies is as easy as a click of a mouse — accessibility is not an issue, which means anyone can do it. In fact, many investment firms offer the chance for individuals to open accounts and to trade currencies however and whenever they choose. But there's no physical exchange of money from one party to another.

That's what happens at a foreign exchange kiosk — think of a tourist visiting Times Square in New York City from Japan. He may be converting his physical yen to actual U. But in the world of electronic markets, traders are usually taking a position in a specific currency, with the hope that there will be some upward movement and strength in the currency they're buying or weakness if they're selling so they can make a profit.

A spot deal is for immediate delivery, which is defined as two business days for most currency pairs. The major exception is the purchase or sale of U.

Canadian dollars, which is settled in one business day. The business day calculation excludes Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays in either currency of the traded pair. The matter is that they combine many advantages of short-term and long-term methods of work, while leveling the specific inherent disadvantages.

In order to better understand the rules of the medium-term trading, we will consider some practical examples. First of all, we shall remind you that most problems for speculators are created by the bursts of news and general news background. Scalpers and intradayers in periods of high volatility are ripped off of stop-losses, one after another, and long-termers find themselves even in more difficult situation, because their position is often not speculative, but a kind of investment.

Therefore, in the absence of stop-loss, incoming information and statistics day after day can slowly but surely make a deal deep down. Medium-term Forex strategies on daily charts: As noted above, the main advantage of this approach is that it saves time and lowers the degree of dependence of the result from random events both individual and their sequence. A few key features should be mentioned for the said algorithm.

Firstly, the signals to buy and sell are formed not on the level breakthrough, as is customary in most popular strategies, but rather on the corrections from the main trend. Secondly, the moment of completion of the correction is identified using a special indicator, whose name is assigned to the trading strategy. Momentum Pinball differs from the standard oscillators by being the ratio of Rate of Change, abbreviated ROC which is not included in the standard package of MT, but can be found in exchange terminals to RSI.

In this case, Linda recommends that you set the period of ROC equal to 1 and RSI equal to 3, accordingly, while the eponymous indicator can be downloaded online for free. Several actions must be performed for long trades in Forex. Long historical climate records usually contain non-climatic changes that can influence the observed behaviour of meteorological variables. The availability of parallel measurements offers an ideal…" [more].

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Medium-term Forex Strategies: Features and Examples

Unlike a forward, it's traded on an exchange, and can only be executed for specified amounts and dates.

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Trading volume is generally very large. The forex market is the largest market in the world.

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