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Different Brokers, Different Service Levels.

Learn how to evaluate forex broker fee/commission structures with these three types of commissions and find the one that will work best for you. Mar 15,  · Im using Instaforex, no spread account.. commission only Choose Eurica account, dont choose Standard. (but they are both 1 cent per pip account - just .

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Forex brokers based with the lowest spreads, and minimal commissions, withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, other miscellaneous charges.

On the other hand, you might want to pay a fixed pip spread if you know you are getting at-the-money executions every time you trade. Slippage , which occurs when your trade is executed away from the price you were offered, is a cost that you do not want to bear.

In the case of a commission broker , whether you should pay a small commission depends on what else the broker is offering. In this case, it may be worth paying the small commission for this additional service. As a trader, you should always consider the total package when deciding on a broker, in addition to the type of spreads the broker offers. For example, some brokers may offer excellent spreads, but their platforms may not have all the bells and whistles offered by competitors.

When choosing a brokerage firm , you should check out the following:. Even though you might think you are getting a deal when paying a variable spread, you may be sacrificing other benefits.

But one thing is certain: As a trader, you always pay the spread and your broker always earns it. To get the best deal possible, choose a reputable broker who is well capitalized and has strong relationships with the large foreign-exchange banks. Examine the spreads on the most popular currencies. Very often, they will be as little as 1. If this is the case, a variable spread may work out to be cheaper than a fixed spread.

Some brokers even offer you the choice of either a fixed spread or a variable one. In the end, the cheapest way to trade is with a very reputable market maker who can provide the liquidity you need to trade well.

Gishen Updated April 6, — 6: Commission Structures Three forms of commission are used by brokers in forex. Different Brokers, Different Service Levels So what is each type of commission's bottom line effect on your trading? Choosing a Forex Broker As a trader, you should always consider the total package when deciding on a broker, in addition to the type of spreads the broker offers.

When choosing a brokerage firm , you should check out the following: How well capitalized is the firm? How long has it been in business? Who manages the firm and how much experience does this person have? Which and how many banks does the firm have relationships with? How much volume does it transact each month? What are its liquidity guarantees in terms of order size? What is its margin policy?

What is its rollover policy in case you want to hold your positions overnight? Does the firm pass through the positive carry , if there is one? Does the firm add a spread to the rollover interest rates? What kind of platform does it offer? Our innovative, proprietary forex and CFD trading platforms combine exceptional execution and depth of market with no trade rejections or re-quotes. For more information refer to our regulatory and financial compliance section. OANDA does not requote orders that are executed at the valid market price when the request is received at our server.

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