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Renko Expert Advisor for MT4 Posted by ranga on July 3, | 37 Comments» The Renko EA is an expert advisor and is in fact a better option (or can be used alongside) than the RenkoLiveChart_v indicator. This is a full-fledged Expert Advisor trading by renko bars. Renko bars are simulated inside the EA allowing for high-quality optimization. Orders are opened in the direction of the last simulated bar.

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Using Renko Charts – Tips and Strategies. Forex Trading Articles. What is a Forex Renko Chart? A Renko chart is a specific type of graph for displaying price movements of a financial instrument. The chart consists of blocks (a.k.a. bricks) which are the same size. Then expand the “Expert Advisor” section in the “Navigator.

All are the best and all are same, the different is the display of each template. You can choose by your self which one is comfortable for you doing a trade. Renko charts update dynamically tick by tick. Renko charting is considered to be best in predicting the change in the market sentiment that precedes a new trend.

Trend reversals are signaled by the emergence of a different color candle. An easy system to follow is to trade in the direction of the trend, and exit when it reverses. Support and resistance levels are easily seen on Renko charts. Renko charts are very effective for traders to identify key support and resistance levels. You must know your strategy before you start trading. If market turns against you get out of trade when stoploss conditions have been met. Always follow your trading plan. Not following the trading plan is the number one mistake traders make.

Never hesitate to enter a trade when you have set up conditions. Be careful with reversals; do not get in too early. Many people starting out in trading have difficulty with the principles of Money and Risk Management.

In this aspect of trading you have to calculate everything for you and adjust the size of your trades based on the balance of your account whilst respecting your tolerance for risk. Many people have had questions about repaint and non-repaint indicators of the system. I can say that do not worry about this type of indicators. The important thing is how to read the indicator itself. If you find non-repaint indicator, you will get it as flat or lagging or late.

Because indicator is based on prices,moved by prices. The real signal is price itself. Sense of security in your trade! This is the only way that leads to succses!

Whatever system you use to trade. No more guesswork in trading. Money Machine does not exist. There is no one single super smart Forex trading tool which gives you profit, profit and more profit. The only possible solution is to use a combination of different tools —System identifies the favorable market forces to get a maximum number of high probability trades over a period of time.

Please note that the system only works properly at the currency pairs above. If you use to other pairs, you will never get alert and also indicator will not work as expected. But the value is not always or to enter market. Once you get alert, it has been qualified to enter the market. There are smaller and bigger trends, but there are no overlapping ranges. The Renko chart is very effective for identifying support and resistance levels correctly.

Since the price action of the Renko chart contains the price action of a pre-specified pip movement, support and resistance levels can be very clearly displayed. Below you will see an image which shows four levels on the chart. Notice that after the price interacts with each of them, we see the creation of a new directional move. The red circles on the chart show the moments when the Renko bars break an important level.

As you see, each of these breakouts leads to the creation of a new trend. Opposite to this, the support, which is illustrated at the bottom of the chart is the beginning of a new upwards movement.

After the price bounces twice from it, we see the creation of a new bullish trend. As with support and resistance identification, chart patterns are also much easier to recognize on a Renko chart. The Renko chart above shows four classical chart patterns.

The blue lines illustrate a Rising Wedge pattern. As you can see, the price drops after breaking the lower wedge line. Then comes a bullish channel, which is illustrated with the red lines.

Notice that the price action creates swings in the frames of the channel. After the bearish breakout, the price decreases.

The next pattern is shown in green, and it is an Inverted Head and Shoulders pattern. After the creation of the second shoulder, the price increases again. The magenta figure is a Double Top pattern. The decrease which comes at the end proves the validity of the figure. The basic function of the Renko chart is to provide a clearer level of price action analysis. One of the most popular methods of using the Renko chart is to trade breakouts. Though this is a valid method, I would suggest that you confirm breakout signals on the Renko chart.

Try to confirm a breakout with a second candle. If a Renko candle goes beyond a trend line make sure you see another candle, which extends beyond the breaking candle. As we have touched on a bit earlier, an effective way to trade with Renko charts is by spotting breakouts in trends. The Renko chart structure is very precise in building trends. As such, trend lines on a Renko chart are relatively accurate. So, a valid trendline breakout confirmed by a second Renko block should give us a reasonable amount of confidence for predicting the beginning of the trend reversal.

Typically, you would wait to open a position until after a Renko bar breaks beyond a trend line and a second Renko bar extends beyond the breaking bar. Once this occurs, you should put a stop loss beyond the most recent or high or low swing point created prior the breakout. You can use price action based clues to hold onto the position until such time as the weight of evidence shifts in favor of the opposite direction. See the example below of how a trend breakout using the Renko chart would appear: The image illustrates a strong bullish trend which eventually gets broken to the downside.

Notice that the trend line is very well positioned — one of the positives of Renko based trading systems. A fake breakout appears first, which is referenced by the red arrow. Shortly after that, on the subsequent test, you will see that a Renko block closes below the trend.

A Renko candle goes beyond the trend line, and the next candle extends even lower. You should place your stop loss order right above the highest swing point before the breakout.

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Pips by pips depending on your setting. Since the Renko chart is a trend following technique, there are times when Renko charts produce whipsaws, giving signals near the end of short-lived trends.

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Be careful with reversals; do not get in too early.

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