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May 07,  · -SL and TP lines will appear directly in the Chart when a Trade opens or maybe before without painting them by the Trader or first have to name/rename these lines So the best Trading-Order -Manager would be an EASY-ORDER-EA with the SL-TP-lines drag and drop by mouse that hides the SL and TP from the Broker. Just added a new EA that automatically inserts X pips SL and TP once you open a new trade. Useful for fast scalpers who have little time to add SL and TP once they open a .

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Oct 10,  · I tried this EA but I see that it takes a long time to place the SL and TP. It took it at least 1 minute after I took a trade. On another case it placed the stop pretty fast but it took 30 sec to place the TP.

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