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Liquidation Preference Sample Clauses

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Derogation clause is a provision in a treaty that allows the signator to refuse to comply with certain provisions. However if the treaty lacks an express derogation clause, then general principles governing suspension or termination of treaties apply. Non Derogation Sample Clauses. Non-derogation. You shall refrain from making any statement (whether or not in writing) concerning the Employers Affiliated Group or its business, operations, customers, directors, officers, employees or owners that you intend, or that a reasonable person acting in like circumstances would expect, to impair in any.

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Binds that you load must be mapped to a transaction. You can submit clauses for approval through the Approval Framework or perform approvals manually, depending on the installation options and user preferences.

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When you create a table clause and there are no repeating binds, the system displays an error.

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