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We strive to give a Premier Door to Door Balikbayan Box service. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our record speaks of what we can do to the Filipino community in the United Kingdom. Trusted and proven - Since establishing in the UK in August , we have now shipped more than , balikbayan boxes. Forex Cargo UK. 2, likes · 1 talking about this. Balikbayan Boxes from UK to the Philippines.


Need Boxes? Do you need empty balikbayan boxes to start packing? You have a couple options: Call us and we can deliver Star Kargo balikbayan boxes to your home. This option may depend on our pickup schedule and routes. For immediate access to boxes.

All shipments to Visaya's region for donation purposes will be on discounted rate, the same rate as for Manila. In addition, for every two boxes you send the third box is FREE. As long as it will be shipped all at the same time. As we all know, most of the residences has been wiped out and need to be rebuilt. To avoid delivery of boxes to unauthorized recipient or representative. We advised everyone, if sending boxes to your love ones to address the delivery of boxes to a Posted Nov 11, , 4: Forex Cargo Phil Inc.

Promo and News Update. Balikbayan Box Packaging Guidelines. There are companies small companies that are blacklisted by DTI in the Philippines because they have failed to deliver their boxes you can find a list of band companies on the DTI website. Some of these companies will advertise very low door-to-door rates then fail to remit the necessary funds to their freight counterparts in the Philippines, causing the boxes to be abandoned at a port and not delivery.

Many of these small shipping companies have only been in business for a few years and do not have the infrastructure throughout the Philippines that LBC does.

The further away you get away from Manila the more problematic it becomes delivering boxes because they simply don't have the quantity of boxes necessary to economically ship boxes to far away areas of the Philippines on a timely bases.

I can honestly say that in the last ten years not one for my customers has lost a box or items missing. In the rare case that a box was delayed it was usually due to consignee address errors by the sender. Addresses can be difficult to find back home, so be careful to write the address correctly and clearly on the box and always include a written PH on the box.

Additional insurance coverage may be purchased prior to shipping. If you want to send large items to the Philippines, like a large flat-screen television or a reclining chair, we can help. Give us a call with the exact box dimensions and we will provide you with a price quote. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Hello I would like to know if anyone know where I can send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, I live in Fort Collins , Colorado , I have been looking for a while, thank you. I am thinking about moving to Batangas Philippines.

That would be the Luzon region. I am planning on shipping about 10 plastic boxes: Do you know of any LBC office in Philadelphia? My friend wants to send an LBC to the Philippines and he doesn't know where and how? He lives in Philadelphia, PA. If so, may I have the address please? Also, I am interested in becoming agent for the same in Colorado. I have a couple of boxes to Baguio.

Is this a possibility? Do you pick up in Alabama? How much is the cost? Let me know if you have coz I want to send box to Iloilo philippines.. I am interested in becoming an agent in Idaho. Can you you help, please. San po ba banda dito yung address nyo sa NY? Tsaka po ba pag nagpadala ako may free box po ba kayo? What's your say about the boxes being opened by the Philippine bureau of custom? We've heard a lot of bad news like items being stolen from the boxes being inspected, how safe it is to send a box to the Philippines with all these issues about bureau of custom?

I'm from New York.. I wanted to send package to Philippines Can I have your address here I. New York and number?

I want to send balikbayan package to philippines. Anyone who knows a balikbayan box agent near Alma, Michigan, please let me know. I live in Snellville a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Do you accept delivery of items ordered for packing and shipping to Davao. If not could you recommend someone or how to find someone in the U. Thank you for your help John. I just want to know if you have delivery agent here in Georgia I want to know the phone no.

Dpt binabaril cla sa ulo tarantado kau n mga taga lbc! I live in Georgia, near Atlanta. I just want to know LBC in Georgia's address, phone number, and delivery representative. Hi yung padala kong box till now hndi p natangap ng family ko sa tracking number inquire ko andyan n sa zamboanga nung march 8 p bakit hanggang ngayon hndi p nyo diniliver sa address. The yield is then for the Foundation. How do I get these cheap products in the Netherlands? I have a 37 inch long, 17 wide, 14 inch high foot locker I want to ship from Florida to Bulacan, on Luzon.

It weighs 55 lbs. Can this be shipped using LBC? Hello LBC, Gawan niyo naman ng paraan para madeliver na ang mga package namin sa Pilipinas, September pa nahulog until now walang pang results 5 weeks ng nasa custom?

Still waiting for Christmas Boxes to be delivered we sent them is October and still showing in customs. This is due to an increase in forum spam. Please look at the lists, and refrain from using the companies listed Aromulus , Sep 8, JohnAsh , Sep 8, Howerd , Sep 8, So LBC are ok? JohnAsh , Oct 4, LBC are generally ok, when they manage to get their fingers out of the proverbial Aromulus , Oct 4, My box was collected on Sep 15, Here is the history so far, according to the tracking option on the LBC website

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The Luzon Brokerage Co LBC was first established in the s and is considered the leading Box shipping service in the Philippines, with over branches nationwide. For rates or other inquiries, you may reach Fil-Am Padalahan on the following address and numbers:.

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