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MT4 indicator (BBands_Stop_v1.mq4).

Gann Fans. Gann Fans, created by W. D. Gann, are based on the premise that prices move in predictable patterns. Gann's theory is based on time/price movements with the 1 time unit by 1 price unit (i.e. 1 x 1) being the main angle (degrees). WD Gann Financial Astrology Trading Method - Your 5 steps to attain Mastery on Finance Astrology Trading here on Step No Meet your Personal Planet Ruler / Rulers (PPR(s)) and experience the influence that your PPR(s) brought to you.

Question: What is the Best Trading Strategies Forex?

EUR USD (Euro / US Dollar) The most traded currency pairs in the world are called “the Majors” and the EURUSD leads this group as the most traded pair in the world. This pair represents the world two largest economies and has faced most volatility since the inception of the euro in

Very useful for finding lasting trends to follow and profit. Multiple charts layout Stay on top with up to 8 charts in each browser tab. You can watch completely different markets such as stocks next to Forex , or same symbols with different resolutions.

Advanced Price Scaling When you are ready to get technical, our charts let you set the price scales to match your type of analysis. Multiple Symbols on the Chart It's often useful to search for relationships between different stocks — do they move in tandem or always in opposite directions?

Learn how to add multiple symbols on the single chart on TradingView. Compare Symbols Compare popular stocks to indexes, or to each other, to see who is doing better in comparison. Has Apple outperformed the SnP this year? Compare them side by side to see relative performance in percent. Compare currencies, indexes, and much more. Server Side Alerts TradingView alerts are immediate notifications when the market meet your custom criteria - i. Alerts on Indicators Indicators are great helpers in analyzing the markets - now you get instant alerts when something key happens.

You can set alerts for one or more conditions inside each indicator and stay aware when the market moves the right way. Alerts on Drawing Tools Super simple and powerful - set alerts on drawings that you make on the chart.

Alerts from Pine Create custom conditions in Pine script and set them up directly in Pine. For algo inclined developers this drastically speeds up alert creation over the usual manual setup process. Stock Screener A stock screener is a great search tool for investors and traders to filter stocks based on metrics that you specify.

You can filter by each field and add them as columns. Alerts Screen alerts let you receive on-site and email notifications when new tickers fit the search criteria specified in the Screener.

Customized Technical Analysis TradingView comes with over a hundred pre-built studies for an in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts and indicators.

Volume Profile Indicators Volume Profile is a vital tool that shows the most traded prices for a particular time period. It plots volume as a histogram on the price bar, so you can see the levels where you need them. You can display a volume profile for the selected range, for the session, or for the entire screen — all depending on what you are trying to see. Automate repetitive tasks or program the computer to look for optimal events to take action.

Backtesting for trading strategies Pine Script lets you create scripts that will trade for you when certain conditions are met. These are called trading strategies - they send, modify and cancel orders to buy or sell something. Community-Powered Technical Analysis Users write unique scripts to help analyze the markets and publish them in the Public Library. The wisdom of the crowd is yours to command - search the library instead of writing scripts, get in touch with authors, and get better at investing.

Indicators Templates Organize frequently used scripts into groups and call them into action with one click. Paper Trading Practice buying and selling stocks, futures, FX or Bitcoin without risking actual money. Place orders, track wins and losses in real-time and build a winning portfolio. Multiple Brokers supported Use your skills to make money! Connect an account from a supported broker and send live orders to the markets.

Depth of Market Once you have a consistent approach that works, automate repetitive tasks to make the trading process smoother and faster. Choose the data packages that are right for you!

Important, many exchanges charge extra per user fees for real-time data, these are not included in the plans. Custom Time Intervals Ability to create custom intervals, such as 7 minutes, 12 minutes, or 8 hours. Fundamental and Global Economic Data We have a unique toolset of institutional quality fundamental data on US companies.

Global economy affects prices of all financial instruments in one way or another. Such events typically cause a lot of volatility, and some investors avoid, while others welcome them. Some of the biggest moves happen at a time when most people think nothing happens at all. You can display data series using either local, exchange or any custom timestamps. Real-Time Context News Breaking news can move the markets in a matter of seconds.

Staying on top of it is super important, so we show you relevant news as they come in, relevant to the symbol you are looking at.

Text Notes Write down your thoughts with an easy and intuitive Text Note tool right on the chart. Enhanced watchlists Watchlists are unique personal collections for quick access to symbols.

Save as many watchlists as you want, import watchlists from your device and export them at any time. The Amazing Harmonic Pattern Trading Strategy will give you a whole new understanding of the price action. Our team at Trading Strategy Guides knows that the geometric patterns that can be found in nature, the same anomalies can be found in financial markets as well.

This ability to repeat and create these intricate patterns is what makes the Forex harmonic patterns so incredible. We also have training for the fractal trading strategy. The Forex harmonic patterns are complex patterns, but if you want to start somewhere with a simpler price action pattern, we recommend the Head and Shoulders Price Pattern Strategy.

There are many benefits to harmonic trading. A useful tool for trading this strategy is a harmonic pattern scanner or a dashboard that shows all the pattterns on different instruments. However we recommend that you learn the patterns very well before you begin using a scanner or dashboard. If you want quick profits our favorite day trading strategy Best Stochastic Trading Strategy- Easy 6 Step Strategy might be more suitable for your own needs. This strategy performs the same and is suitable for trading other asset classes like stocks, futures, options, etc.

This ability to consistently repeat makes the Forex harmonic patterns so attractive for our team at Trading Strategy Guides. We also have training on how to trade with the Gartley pattern. The Forex harmonic patterns use the Fibonacci numbers to define accurate trading points. The harmonic pattern indicator will allow you to call market turning points with a high level of accuracy.

In technical analysis, the Butterfly harmonic pattern is a reversal pattern composed of four legs. A leg is a swing wave movement that connects and is composed of a swing high and a swing low.

Here is how to identify the right swing to boost your profit. The Butterfly harmonic pattern depends upon the B point as it defines the structure and sets up the other measurements within the pattern to define the trade opportunities. To the Butterfly pattern the B point, it must possess precise Other rules that redefine the structure further includes the BC projection that must be at least 1. And, finally, the C point must be within the range of 0.

You can start drawing the butterfly pattern as soon as you have the first two legs of the pattern. Once you have the points X, A and B you can begin monitoring the price action and look for confirmation that wave C conforms the Butterfly pattern rules. There is one more important thing that we need to learn before to actually define the Harmonic Pattern Trading Strategy rules, which is to give you indications on how to apply the Harmonic pattern indicator.

I would walk you through this process step by step. All you need to do is to follow this simple guide and see figure below for a better understanding of the process: Ideally, as a trader, you would like to enter at the completion of point D. As we established earlier, the point D of the Butterfly Forex harmonic pattern can develop anywhere between 1.

In the above example, we entered at 1. Where to place your protective stop loss is the next logical question. For the Bullish Butterfly Harmonic Pattern, you normally want to place your protective stop loss below the 1. So far, we defined the proper entry point and the stop loss location for the Harmonic Pattern Trading Strategy.

The Forex harmonic patterns, while they are a very reliable pattern, you want to be very aggressive with your profit target. As the saying goes: We want to close the second part of our trade once we hit the 0.

The Harmonic Pattern Trading Strategy gives us the highest probabilities for success. The great thing about the Forex harmonic patterns is that they recognize areas where supply and demand come into focus. Harmonic Patterns are easy to spot when you nail down the key points that we talk about in the strategy.

Whats your experience trading these Patterns? It just comes with practice. Been doing this for 7months months nd im loving it. Just keep to those ratios and always be alert for with every retracement comes a pattern.

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Am starting to use MT4 over the standard charts that come with most brokers and as a bollinger fan very much looking forward to testing this one Developing a process that you use every day, will assist you in finding the exact plan that will be needed for you.

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