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Introduction to Forex Trading. Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. In other words, the currency of one country is exchanged for that of another. Explore Reading is committed to providing comprehensive and trusted reviews for products or software that matter to customer. We do the best research to help you save time and money.

Teach children morals through storytelling, Obasanjo tells parents

What We Do. Premium Data provides end-of-day data update services, and historical daily data, for selected exchanges and markets across Stocks, Futures and Forex. There is an easy-to-use Windows-based updating application for each of these security types. The data is held in the

Anybody can write what he likes. A man that sleeps with his daughter in law and also got disowned by his daughter, is talking and people are taking him serious. This old man should disappear forever. We are casting out the demons holding Nigeria down and he is one of them. God allow the devil to use him to torment Nigeria because Nigeria has gone astray. The grace that he can not use to put his family together?

Let him keep dancing naked in the market place thinking himself clothed. He has this last chance to genuinely repent by embracing the truth and standing up to it. If he misses this opportunity hell will be his aboard. WHO are the two people that told him he would not come out alive? It is only when that story can be confirmed that it should be taken as the truth.

You had 8yrs to set up a proper commission of inquiry but you did not. All these is utter nonsense and a ploy to always remain relevant in the eyes of Nigerians. Please go and retire. You are not the only former president in this country. This man saying trash here had the golden opportunity of putting the country back on track but fucked it due to greed for wealth. He got to office and saw it as an opportunity to amass to himself, all the wealth he could not acquire while serving as a military head.

I wonder what his defence will be if the Abacha family chose to sue for defamation. Heresy does not a proper defense make. Thank you my brother. He truly messed up. Must Obasanjo talk everyday? Is he the only past president of Nigeria? Omo ibo Olorun a wa pelu yin,iya yi ti poju fun yin,Biafra God will see you through,suffering is too much for you people,Is it a crime to fight war before? Biafra cannot become Nigeria president,what a nonsense.

He is not at fault that press reports his speeches every day. It shows how the man has become so relevant to his world. That should be your prayer that God should make you relevant to your generation no matter how old you are. Your sermon will not save you. You are evil and your part in hell will so isolate than your prison experience.

It will be so painful that you will within a second forget all the joys you ever had. You will within a twinkle of an eye forget you ever tasted sugar. You killed Harry Marshal and before investigators reached Asaba, you said he was killed by armed robbers. Obasanjo, time and church going can not clean your guilt.

I do not know how a true Pastor can allow you stand on a Pulpit where God speaks to people through the Pastor. As you even got there, because you are Lucifer, a fallen angel, clothed like a true angel but a pure devil, began to tell stories how you survived and became ungrateful to God who had Mercy on your poor soul. Do you have the evidence he killed those you mentioned it you are just being jealous of a man obviously blessed than God?

Ok, he is blessed than God? You are as damnable as Obasanjo. Obasanjo can not boldly deny complicity in the death of the three men. He knows, God knows, Satan knows. Those who failed to carry out thorough investigation on the deaths knew it. Go and sit down. How can I be jealous of a sinner? How can I be jealous of a man who is trying to cover up his evil with more evil?

How can I be jealous of a man who is a taboo to all? Which should I say and which should I not say; Summarily, Obasanjo is agent of darkness. We have heard enough about your life and God.

Can you let us know what role you played in the life of Moshood Abiola? This stupid man who made Dangote became so rich. God gave you a chance to save Nigeria but you blew it. Your time will soon come.

I personally think you still deserve to be locked up. Are you now jealous of Dangote? I am not jealous of Dangote. So Happy he made it as a Nigerian, but they should give other people a chance.

Why is he the sole licence owner of many products? This is really not fair. Obasanjo knows deep down in him that he messed up as a president. No need to close the gate when the goat has already escaped. I was in Lagos in and even back then I knew Dangote to be a stinkingly rich guy. Mind you OBJ never even dreamed he would one day become president. I personally visited and saw the massive factory operations of Dangote.

If you read my earlier comments above you will see that am no fan of OBJ but I just like being objective. Nigeria needs more people like Dangote. He never worked for government yet is today the biggest private employer of labour. Am sure there are bigger and worst crooks than him in this country yet where are the monies?

Baba OBJ likes to talk too much. Yes, Abacha wanted to kill him but God saved him. But what has learnt with those lessons? Obasanjo is one of the initiators of the myraids of problems this country is battling with. May God continue to bless and protect General Olusegun Obasanjo. Where is that stupid punk by name Al Mustapha going around the country like some kind of a Nigerian hero.

Al Mustapha and his killer squad need to be hang by the ball at the public square. Stupid son of a gun. At a time like this when the country is so divided and tensed, what is this information by OBJ intended to achieve?

Revolution might be one of the key solutions to sanitising Nigeria after all. Nigeria must purge herself of these cancerous cells that have grounded us to a halt and still doing damage to our national unity.

Baba say no more….. In the bible, your good deeds will be written from Genesis to Revelation. In this country and across the shores, you are the most respected person. Respect to baba OBJ! Eyin gangan lorisa Akunlebo. What is sad though is the fact that obj has abandoned God and thinks he is god himself.

It took obj only two months to disown God. If indeed a Christian, obj should be aware that what he does to Christians indeed humanity here on earth is doing so to the King, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After one term, obj realized the honey of power in khaki was sweeter than the sugar he tasted in OBJ would not live up to the agreement of relinquishing the throne to Atiku.

To the extent that obj was willing to do away with Atiku. Not satisfied with a second term, obj brawled to alter the constitution to enable him go for a third term. A man, who declared a total bank account of less than 20, naira, obj is now is a billionaire, after 8 years of presidency- Only in Nigeria.

Many Nigerian youths were irate. This is classic obj, the narcissist. You can clearly see how selfish and unpatriotic obj is. Obj was content to be alive. He did not make a case for Yaradua and Abiola. I believe God is giving obj enough time to repent.

And I hope he does soonest. Obj, the man whose speech alone can influence someone. After this wonderful story of salvation all you did was immerse yourself in dirty corruption.. What will you tell God? The Law Enforcement Agency should interrogate Obasanjo for the murder of Yaradua because he knows far too much than an innocent being.

May your days be long OBJ…and may God continue to deliver us all from enemies within…. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: Do you have a problem with that. Has Ekiti suddenly turn to your papa land? Who killed that brother? He should help stop the Islamization of his country — Nigeria. A beg talk better! Then the question is why revealing it now?

Sounds like the plot for a decent movie. Nollywood producers, hope you are reading…. Your head is messed up patapata. As usual, lack of decorum. U are highly appreciated bro!!! OBJ is a coward he should be speaking the truth.

No finish biafrans lol. And who killed them. And we said Namdi Kanu was heating up the polity. Namdi will soon be injected with the same poison. You all are great liars. He deserves a cyanide injection. Really lol, how did u know if you are not one the messenger of death. Obasanjo is our HERO. Thanks thanks thanks, the only thing that saves. Will that name bring him back never, it means nothing to him. Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, hmmmmmmm! Obasanjo conqueror of biafrans.

Evil Obasanjo is a yoroAPE. That is human bro! He tried his best, fixing Nigeria takes beyond ordinary. And what will God ask u? However, what's about the cheapest world currencies? Who knows their titles and what countries they are issued in…? While making this List we found that it's definitely hard to set the proper order of least valueble currencies, due to the fact that the economic situation is changing rapidly in all countries.

However, it is possible to define the certain devalued national currencies at the moment. Thus lets look at 10 cheapest foreign currencies against US Dollar. Iran-Iraq War, Israel attacking, as well as the possibility of a Nuclear Weapon threatening the world from Iran government caused world superpowers to force economic and political sanctions. These measures included restricting access to the world commodity market and led to significant downturn in their economy.

Being an oil exporter, Iran could no longer export its oil, which created a critical deficit in their budget. From , USA and EU have lifted some sanctions alternately, which should improve economic situation and stabilize the local money. Vietnam is still on its hard path from the centralized economy type to the market one, and consequently this country currency almost devalued today. However, experts insist that Vietnamese Government is going the right way and soon it can catch up with its closer Asian neighbors.

Indonesia is economically stable and developed country in South East Asia. However, its money has very low exchange rate.

The regulatory authorities of the country are taking all measures to strengthen national currency, but all their efforts lead only to insignificant changes today. Considering wealthy natural gifts: LAO is the only currency from this list, which did not devalue, but originally was issued with such low rate. Besides, from its issue date in , the currency did strengthen against US Dollar and continue to improve its value.

Sierra Leone is a very poor African country, which handled out many serious tests and this caused the local money to devalue. Recently, a war took place and now Ebola death virus prevails. The modern som was put into circulation with the ratio of 1 som equal to som-coupons since July 1, by the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan. It is a disastrous economic downturn, which means inflation, corruption, low education quality, enormous number of poor people, high unemployment rate, etc.

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