Photon connects to a proprietary API, also written, completed in The Photon API raises the industry bar with cutting edge efficiency and ease of use. Goto Top. Photon Forex Photon running on default settings on the following recommended pairs: EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, and USD/JPY. After testing this EA for 7 months, we have decided to retire it due to poor performance.

PhotonVPS Review

Nov 08,  · PhotonVPS offer cloud servers, cloud website, Linux and Windows VPS hosting managed with cPanel or Plesk, they have also forex vps hosting starting from $ Forex, MT4, EA VPS Hosting are with Dual Intel Quadcore Xen processor, so they are great for everyone/5(6).

Just curious, anyone else around here use Photon and how do you feel about it? Just hold off on everything X lite will be the bomb. If you need charting with the platform then you will need the XT 7 with XStudy, that is once they re-release the product in the next month or two after the bugs have been worked out.

BTW, in the mean time do not give up fast and reliable execution just to gain some pretty charts! Check out VisionTrader which connects to Interactive brokers and Patsystems data feeds for a look at a new trading platform. More brokerage data feeds coming soon.

Here is the web site: Hello Chuck, This maybe what I have been looking for but the page you gave the link for has very little info. For one thing, when you do start charging what will the fee be? I opened an account with forexvps. I am exptremly impressed with there customer service. Again I am not an affiliate just someone passing on some good information. I have a couple of demo accounts running photon on 7 pairs.

I want to run with gomarkets but I am having a little trouble getting multiple instances of mt4 on there but I will persist. My goal is to run 2 instances of each broker that I want to follow one with aggressive true and the other aggressive false. I am also learning how to use mt4i so I can track my results in real time and post them here. I don't know why it opened two ej trades I suspect it is because I have it set to aggressive mode. I have been in communication with the creator of Forex Photon and I think he is willing to come over here and discuss his ea with us.

I think when you guys start to see the results you will be excited like I am. Looks like a nice EA. But about the risk, you said the EA stops out trades at 26 pips loss, and on the site there is also something about low drawdown.

Now I haven't seen large drawdown in the results, so I'm curious why it would use such a high SL pips? Guys pop stop loss??? Even the earlier version only used 70 I think. Trust me pips, I wouldn't trade it either. It risk reward model is impressive to say the least. After reviewing the live statements I am sure what you are looking at is the stealth function of photon.

It dislpalys phony take profit and stop loss numbers to fool the brokers. There is definatly no pip stop loss to this ea. I noticed that Photon had three losers with usdcad and they were No where near pip loss.

Thanks for posting the info on to EA, it will be nice to see how well it does. Dpip I did read something about the stealth mode stops and tp's acting as an emergency fail safe so I thnk that what you say is true. The real test will be long term. I am in the process of validating my go markets account so by next week I will have it funded and I will have live results, although I hear go markets demo feed is identical to its live feed I would like to see this for myself.

Forex Photon Trading Systems. Expert Advisors and Automated Trading. I will attach links for you guys to see performance so far.

The worst stop loss hit looks to be and i think it maxes out at so if you factor in the win to loss ratio and the risk reward overall it is safe, maybe folks here will say omg it is 5: I respect the opinions of everybody here so please feel free to comment. Anyway I'm talking to much. I am excited about the upcoming week. I updated my first post to reflect my stats reported live through MT Intelligence - Home page. This is a great opportunity for us. We can discuss Photon and what the future holds.

Also it has stealth features that hide the true values Btw are you talking about 5 decimal placing? The normal risk model is definatly not sl.

I was looking over the trades tonight and they are all closed for profit. All brokers are showing positive pips between Only 1 loss and it was for -1 pip so not bad ehh? Word to the wise never take anybody's word for things always do your due dillegence.

Forex Photon

More brokerage data feeds coming soon.

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Reviews There are no reviews yet. Dpip I did read something about the stealth mode stops and tp's acting as an emergency fail safe so I thnk that what you say is true.

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