Does IB offer trading on Forex products other than futures?

Hi Guys, I need a FX Option Trading Platform

An Introduction to Forex (FX).

Source: Euromoney FX survey FX Poll The Euromoney FX survey is the largest global poll of foreign exchange service providers. Please contact Client Services or your IB Sales Representative to see if you qualify for the Large-Size Order Facility (generally orders over 7M USD or equivalent). The risk of loss in online trading of stocks, options, futures, forex, foreign equities, and fixed income can be substantial. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before investing in options, read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options".

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Aug 19,  · IB only offers listed FX futures options no OTC options. Quote from nitro: I would not be surprised if Interactive Brokers had this functionality. I need a FX Option Trading Platform. Before this, I practised in Saxo, FXDD. In FXDD, I can trade FX spot and FX option in one platform. And also, I can place limit and stop order.

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. This raises the question: Join the Leading Industry Event! While it is possible that such an announcement will come soon, we need to consider that the situation in the American market might prevent this option from materializing. Some even say that the only reason for brokers to remain in the U. Traders will have to proactively contact new forex brokers and manually open new accounts, or simply give up on leveraged forex trading completely. If this will indeed be the case, it will mark another sad milestone in the slow death of the American retail forex industry.

From a commercial point of view this seems a completely extraordinary move. Oanda is profitable as is Gain Capital. Assuming that it is profitable, the question has to be as to why their was no management buy-out of hive down into a separate trading vehicle for either sale or potentially floatation. Specify the quantity of the trading currency you wish to buy or sell. The quantity of the order is expressed in base currency , that is the first currency of the pair in TWS.

Interactive Brokers does not know the concept of contracts that represent a fixed amount of base currency in Foreign exchange, rather your trade size is the required amount in base currency.

For example, an order to buy , EUR. Orders may be placed in terms of any whole currency unit and there are no minimum contract or lot sizes to consider aside from the market venue minimums as specified above. A pip is measure of change in a currency pair, which for most pairs represents the smallest change, although for others changes in fractional pips are allowed. To calculate 1 pip value in units of base currency the following formula can be applied:.

IB's trading software reflects FX positions in two different places both of which can be seen in the account window. The Market Value section of the Account Window reflects currency positions in real time stated in terms of each individual currency not as a currency pair. Traders holding multiple currency positions are not required to close them using the same pair used to open the position.

For example, a trader that bought EUR. Traders should check the symbol that appears just above the Net Liquidation Value Column to ensure that a green minus sign is shown. If there is a green plus symbol, some active positions may be concealed. Traders can initiate closing transactions from the Market Value section by right clicking on the currency that they wish to close and choosing "close currency balance" or "close all non-base currency balances".

This particular display format is intended to accommodate a convention which is common to institutional forex traders and can generally be disregarded by the retail or occasional forex trader. The ability to manipulate position and average cost information without executing a transaction may be useful for traders involved in currency trading in addition to trading non-base currency products.

This has a tendency to cause some confusion with respect to determining actual, real time position information. In order to reduce or eliminate this confusion, traders may do one of the following;.

Collapsing this section will eliminate the Virtual Position information from being displayed on all of the trading pages. By right clicking in the FX portfolio section of the account window, traders have the option to Adjust Position or Average Price. Once traders have closed all non base currency positions and confirmed that the market value section reflects all non base currency positions as closed, traders can reset the Position and Average Price fields to 0.

This will reset the position quantity reflected in the FX portfolio section and should allow traders to see a more accurate position and profit and loss information on the trading screens. Traders should always confirm position information in the Market Value section to ensure that transmitted orders are achieving the desired result of opening or closing a position. Please feel free to Contact IB for additional clarification on the above information.

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For example, a trader that bought EUR.

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Traders can initiate closing transactions from the Market Value section by right clicking on the currency that they wish to close and choosing "close currency balance" or "close all non-base currency balances". For example, a trader that bought EUR.

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