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Nov 23,  · HH T Basket Trading System Commercial Content. Hi Hukam, I feel this thread is going to be interesting. I've checked Harrington's thread a few months back and only two weeks ago I discovered Ts thread and spent a whole weekend reading 60 pages, that's where he left but with soo much EAs being exchanged I got confused with how to actually trade the method. Oct 28,  · Dear Funyoo. i am glad join with your forum today. my first post. can i request this system to make into EA, Simple Trading Method with trader @ Forex Factory.

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Sep 08,  · Simple Trading Method (Basket Trading Strategy) I introduce this system in the other forum and quickly it become a phenomenal ground breaking methodology and created a buzz in the Forex world, and feel compiled to introduce this also here in this Forum.

These fees are use for the maintenance of the site and the room. We are limiting the distribution of these indicators to current members only. Current member being enrolled in the Basic or Advance or 1K Group is only allowed access to updated tools of the trades. Should a member decided to cut his membership with the group, he no longer entitled to an update of the tools we used. Posted by Trader at 2: Thursday, February 5, So many interconnecting strategies that all leads to a profitable trading.

Together with those that have completed the program on mentorship we continuously develop and test newer techniques that makes our trading more profitable. We have added a few more strategies to this already incredible trading system. We have listed below some of those newly developed and tested methods. This 3 pairs are complimentary to each other that we have noticed a better correlation among the 3.

Most popular correlation analysis only deals on two currencies, neglecting the 3rd pair of EURCHF, thus miss the importance of this pair in the proper analysis. We have incorporated this in our trading the tandems. This strategy have generated us good profit at the moment.

We also generated a special indicator to aid us in our trading this technique. The three lines represent the three currency pairs that acted in a fan like manner for easy identification of possible currency move.

This strategy is capable of generating profit between — pips in less than a hour. We have also developed and indicator for this technique called the NewsIndicator. It monitors the market situation in the final hour before the news release and continues to monitor the market after the news release to give the realistic market sentiments. At the moment there also some new strategies being developed and tested and eventually will also be introduce in this blog after the testing stages.

Posted by Trader at 7: First you have to open a demo account called this the Indicator Account IA and make sure that the broker you choose have the ff. These pairs will hedge each other. Fresh start this method at the very beginning of the week, this will give a good look at the pairs as week goes on. No SL and no TP. As much as possible run a script will be attached later to maintain correct timing in opening them. Click twice the profit column of your terminal to make the positive profit pairs stay at the top and the negatives stay at the bottom or vice versa.

Initially the order of this pairs is a mess, let it run for a day or two and you will notice the pairs will start to make a proper descending order. All the buys will stay at the bottom and all the sells will occupy the top or vice versa. It like putting to rest the dirty bottled water and it will start to settle down after a certain period ot time.

All dirts to the bottom and the clear water at the top. About a day or two, all the buys if negatives will occupy the bottom and the sells if positives will be at the top.

Ideally the bottom 7 slots should be occupied by the negatives. The first pair in the negative that crosses the boundary of positive slot 8 is the pair we are concern. If one of the negative jump up to slot 7, consequently there should also a corresponding positive that will jump down to slot 8.

This is the signal. We will trade those two pairs that jumps out of boundary. This is the first method in this system called the jumping pairs. Do you have interest or hobby outside trading?

Life is NOT all about trading or programming, and so is this topic, and you must participate in this topic ;D. Is it possible for an EA to open a trade when an indicator places an arrow on the current candle or a previous candle? I'm subscribed to a good reliable provider on the platform. This provider yesterday opened up 4 positions. Each one of those positions were closed with latest 5 pips profit.

Verified by the history and by communication with the signal provider. I had 43 positions open and close losing spread and I am trying to set a function to look at the last 2 candles of the 5min TF inside my indicator. Basically I am looking for a couple of conditions to be met on the 15m chart and then on the 5m chart A breakdown of the bullish trendline may indicate a change in direction, but Hello, I am a robot programmer and I would like to protect my EA with a license.

Hi guys, I just start a trading discussion about what the best method to identify trend. We know there are three type of trend: How we identify Trend? Trading and training video from youtube for example about forex and financial market in general. Greetings, I want to tell you about a system that has produced pips in the past month, with no draw-down.

Here are the rules: Hi There I have an EA and would like to not enter any more trades if the profit target has been reached for the day. I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic we can read it.

And it was around standard indiocators in Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora. Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy amazon for example.

Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links I have done some research and found something called FANN, however it seems to work with simple neural network only. Advantage of this strategy over others: The thread has become a one-man show for a while.

I thought I would shut the thread down but I decided to contribute more. I'm not a professional trader and I will never be and I never want to be. Trading stocks, futures, options and other exchange instruments It is very sad that majority of the people that get involved in the forex business end up losing their money but I will explain the major reasons why this happens below: Leverage and Margin - Trading on margin seems like a fast way to make quick profit however, this gives birth to greed as a Stock Market A To Z: Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to Hello, I am currently using MT5 for futures and I was wondering if there would be any updated version where I can use charts based on volume or tick and not time.

Ninjatrader, or TradeStation, Sierra all have this capability, but not Metatrader 5. Any help would be appreciated! Can anybody help me? Does leverage decrease the margin requirement when opening a trade? If I have a certain balance in my account, when trading with UK for example, will having 1: I already know what leverage does but I just want to know if it decrease margin required for a trade.

Discussion of article "Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. New article Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. Many traders on Moscow Exchange would like to automate their trading algorithms, but they do not know where to start.

The MQL5 language offers a huge range of trading functions, and it additionally Fow now, the price is on testing Google April-June Forecast: The price broke Thus, the weekly price is Expert Advisors and Automated Trading How to sell expert adviser that uses a custom indicator in the market?

Hello, just what the title says, I want to sell an EA that uses custom indicator, can somebody teach me how? Autotraing in Real Account? I correctly set up all properties for auto trading in MT4, so in demo account my EA normally is running, but in real account it is exceptional.

I know relying on comment is not a safe way but I really need it for backtesting purposes not trading real money Hi All I am in the process of turning my trading system into an EA on mql4. I have written a candle indicator that the EA will use, the problem is my entry is on subsequent candles, either the next one to signal or the one after. Hi, I use some MT4 experts from mql5 'expert' site some free, some payed. Can't i use the expert than not more in my MT4?

Is there some 'permanent' connection necessary between the expert and mql5 website, Hello, There is anyway to check if a symbol is trading in normal or auction mode?

When a auction starts the robot send thousands of orders. For the whole week, no exit sign so I will pick the last 8 hours of the week. Rules are really "hard" but it is up to human judgment to turn them "soft". That's the reason why Trader don't encourage EA.

The success of T System is based on how a user interpret the sign and there is no hard rule seriously. There are few stages of trend formation and I will take a look on them later and formulate into my spreadsheet. Obviously, by applying good use of T system, this week profit will be more than pips.

I have to admit that I am not good yet. Anything that you guys want to post here, you can leave comment or PM me. Let me know if you like the Live IA. I am still looking for better way to do that. OpenOffice seemed better to sync with Google Docs. I don't really want to post the position this week because my cutloss EA is still on-progress but what I can say is we got a cut loss this week accumulated losses of pips. The basket of 14SELL opened on 18 Feb, the fourth day of the week which I think it is a bit slow and timeframe is too short for raking the profit.

Overall, pairs are mixed and baskets are moved up and down. So, it is not advisable to open basket although the formation appears: Not until 9 Feb The next hour, things gotten very bad. SL has triggered but since this is a demo account I decided to keep the positions open. I closed today with pips. This is a demostration of basket trading without cut loss. The highest loss recorded by my program is about pips. Rule of thumb from Julius is 40 pips each pair and altogether is pips.

I have to admit that it is pretty late for the opening as GU has anchored and de-anchored 4 hours back. The rest of the week I see pairs swinging around without stabilised down. The largest drawdown is pips as I opened later than the anchor's hour otherwise the largest drawdown is about pips.

The market turned around on 4 Feb Those who looked at my trades sure doubted my luck. The market reversed after that but eventually closed green for 14SELL in the end of the week. And I notice they did repel each other when they sticked together. As I don't follow the rules, of course, I had the losses claimed. Attached next day pair positions: For the next few hours: To my awe, tandem trades did it again. Basket - 1 Feb Basket - 1 Mar Basket - 16 Mar Basket - 18 Feb Basket - 23 Feb Basket - 9 Feb Tandem - 1 Mar Tandem - 4 Mar Tandem - 9 Mar Tandem 4 Jan Tandem 5 Jan My Rules This is something additional to original T set of rules to remind myself before opening any basket.

In order to stop some things:

Closed On:

The process repeats itself until profit is

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